A VTC which every trucker wants to be a part of!

a little about..

Fast Cargo VTC

Fast cargo VTC comprises of a small group of truckers who like to drive in the world of multiplayer in Euro Trucks Simulator 2!

What We Do

Driving in the world of trucks

Never drive alone anymore there will always be a v.t.c. buddy who wants to drive with you !


Our VTC has weekly convoys which can either be done using truckers from our own company, or joining existing convoys run by other vtc’s

Convoy Control

When we organize our own convoy we will also have our own convoy control volunteers who will make sure the convoy is heading the correct direction and that the roads are safe. 


We log our trips using WOTRDB. Each driver has a live tracker and all their deliveries are recorded.

Check out this video!





Watch The Imaginative Lad Drive through Vive La France


Companies Who Deliver Cargo For



Our Radio = TRUCKERS.FM 


Since we are listener’s of Truckers.FM and we are being advertised on the website of this awesome radio station, then we will gladly return the favour, so this section is just for you Truckers.FM





There are a few ways to get in contact with us !


  • Fill in the form on this page.
  • Go to our forums and register as a guest.
  • Ask us a question by using Drift.
  • Join our teamspeak channel: