Fast Cargo VTC is one of the known VTC's in the TruckersMP community.


Fast Cargo VTC

We are a Virtual Trucking Company. As a VTC we aim to add another level of depth in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Our main focus is the multiplayer aspect to meet new people and create unique moments for our members to remember. Such as events, convoys, and great laughs.

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What are people saying?

Real words from real members!
  • Since joining Fast Cargo VTC I know what TruckersMP is and now I drive TMP almost daily alone or with Fast Cargo members.
    Big-TBig-TFrom Finland
  • Until today I am still so happy joining this VTC! I have never seen such a VTC that holds together for so long!
    Lucas PeterbiltLucas PeterbiltFrom Germany
  • Very nice VTC, I must say The Best Of The Best Of The Best. This VTC is like one big family.
    B-FreshB-FreshFrom Latvia
  • Fast Cargo is a place to spend some time with each other. Mostly trucking, convoy's or maybe other games. I'm happy with these people around me!
    FlavoClavaFlavoClavaFrom The Netherlands
  • Been here from almost the very beginning and it's been an honour to see it become what it is today. Keep them wheels rolling.
    The Imaginative LadThe Imaginative LadFrom The United Kingdom
  • When i joined Fast Cargo it feels like a big family. So that is a big compliment to everyone in this VTC
    Antonius91Antonius91From The Netherlands
  • I would like to say that I'm excited to be part of Fast Cargo VTC for long long time to come.
    RusherwildRusherwildFrom India

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