Trucksbook Report – March

Dear Truckers,

First of all, I hope everyone is doing well in these uncertain times we live in at the moment. I believe most of us know people who are related to COVID19. The management wishes everyone the best in these difficult times.

March 2020 has ended already times goes fast. And I would like to share the Trucksbook achievement we reached last month.

With all our drivers we managed to drive a total (max 100 km/h) amazing 1.322.702 km in total (the month before was 898.026 km) This is a great grow and we are pleased to see this. We have delivered a total of 1.710 jobs (Last month 1.113)

The overall activity of our members is growing this may be the result of the COVID19, but certainly because of our approach with the requirement: minimum 5.000 required distance as a member of Fast Cargo VTC.
We notice that more and more drivers are at least trying to reach this quota and we have our utmost respect for each of you.

We also have some members who go much farther than just a few thousand kilometres a month. It’s our pleasure to reward the following people with the rewards after their hard work congratulations to every one of you.

We are looking forward to this month. We have our 3rd Drive Along planned again (see our website for more info) + other nice convoys. We are looking forward to driving with you in 1 of those events.

Best Regards

Fast Cargo VTC


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