Drive Along #6 July

Hello and Welcome!

Fast Cargo VTC would like to invite you all, to join our 6th Drive Along convoy! This time we will drive through beautiful countrys that is in Scandinavia region! We will drive together through Sweden and Norway, and we will see beautiful views alongside!

This event will take place in 25-07-2020 Saturday! Hope to see you all there!


Starting Location: Kapellskär Sea Port

Ending Location: Stavenger Sea Port

Meetup Time: 18.15 GMT+1 (London Time) 19.15 GMT+2 (Amsterdam Time)

Departure Time: 19.00 GMT+1 (London Time) 20.00 GMT+2 (Amsterdam Time)

Server: Sim2

Required DLC: Scandinavia

Please arrive with trailer.

Have a full fuel tank, there wont be any fuel stops. If you need to refuel stop at the fuel station, and join again on the back of the convoy, behind last truck.

Convoy Rules:

No overtaking.

No ramming.

No blocking.

Drive Safely keep a safe distance between trucks (50-100m)

Follow the CC.

Follow all TruckersMP rules!

Registration for attendence here:

If you are VTC and wanna book slots, here is the form that you need to fill:

Here is a route link:

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in our discord:

Best Regards,

Fast Cargo VTC Management


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