Fast Cargo 4-year Celebration

Hello everyone,

Fast Cargo VTC is having 4 years celebration event at 23 October, we are going to have our celebration convoy. Its been a long time that we are here, and we never celebrated our years being here. So its 2020 and like we said at start of the year that we are making changes, and we are going to be more visible than ever. First things first, we got our verified status at February, we opened some new divisions, we started organizing our public convoys for you guys! And now its time to announce that we will have big event at October, we cant wait this event, and we wanna invite you all! Feel free to join us! Feel free to celebrate with us! We are waiting for you guys!!! And now lets get to the point about information things, so here it is:

► Starting Location: Amsterdam Sea Port + Newcastle Sea Port+Amsterdam City

► Ending Location: Mannheim City

► Server Start Time: 17.00 GMT+1 (London Time) 18.00 GMT+2 (Amsterdam Time)

► Truckfest Time: 18.35 GMT +1 (London TIme) 19.35 GMT+2 (Amsterdam Time)

► Departure Time: 19.00 GMT+1 (London Time) 20.00 GMT+2 (Amsterdam Time)

► Server: FC 4 Years Celebration Server

► Required DLC: NONE

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Event Discord Server:

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