Fast Cargo 4 Years Event

Hello Truckers,

On October 23 2020 we celebrate that Fast Cargo VTC is arround for 4 years.

Fast Cargo VTC would like to welcome all truckers to join them in celebrating their 4 year anniversary.

Join more than 20 VTC’s and many more solo truckers and help Fast Cargo celebrate this amazing milestone!

Information of the Event

Starting Location: Amsterdam Sea Port + Newcastle Sea Port

Ending Location: Mannheim City

Server Start Time: 17.00 GMT+1 (London Time) 18.00 GMT+2 (Amsterdam Time)

Truckfest Time: 18.35 GMT+1(London Time) 19.35 GMT+2 (Amsterdam Time)

Departure Time: 19.00 GMT+1 (London Time) 20.00 GMT+2 (Amsterdam Time)

Event Server: FC 4 Year Celebration

Required DLC: None

Truckfest with some rewards for vtcs.

Rewards will be announced in the Discord Server

No Time Zone Link:

Please arrive with trailer. Have a full fuel tank, there wont be any fuel stops.

If you need to refuel stop at the fuel station, and join again on the back of the convoy, behind last truck.

Convoy Rules

No Blocking

No Overtaking

No Ramming

Double Trailers and Heavy Cargo are not allowed

Drive Safely keep a safe distance between trucks (50-100m)

Follow the CC (provided by Convoy Security Group)

Follow all TruckersMP rules!

More Rules may be added before event!

Truckfest Awards and Conditions

Best VTC Formation – 1 FH Tunning Pack

Best Looking VTC Paintjob – 1 Actross Tuning Pack

Best Public Truck Paintjob – 1 HS Schoch Tunning Pack

Why not let us know you’re coming by registering on our ETS2c Page

The Route

Public Parking Area

Bus Station – Amsterdam


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