Founders Monthly Update – November 2020

Dear All,

Another month has passed since my last update.

First of all, welcome to all new trainees we have in our vtc at this moment.
I hope you will get used to our group and we will meet in one of our events in the upcoming weeks.

Divinegift our CEO stepped down from his position.
Read his statement here:

Hello mates,

I hope everyone is doing good in this times. So lets go just to straight point. Lately you havent seen me much online, my activity dropped recently. It is really nice to know you all, we all had a really nice times, and really good moments. So i would like to inform you all, that i am leaving CEO position. I joined Fast Cargo as a trainee, after couple months being here i got promoted to CEO. It has been almost 2 years ago. Yeap time passes really fast. But today i wanna say you all that i am leaving CEO position, and returning to a Driver/Ex Management position. It is hard decision for me, and hope you Cooper will find a person who suits better this position than me in this period. Reasons why im dropping my postion, is mostly personal life. For 2 or 3 months i have been working very much, and after new years maybe i will be promoted to manager in work. It means more time in work, managing drivers and company things to grow it and do it better, and less time in VTC management things. I was thinking about this decision very long, because people dont see me active, and new people dont know who is our CEO, thats another reason why im leaving this position. Sometimes i was an ashole asking you again and again to vote, or to do that or that. Hope you are not angry on me for this things

Well lets go to the end, I am leaving CEO position from December 1st. But i am staying here in this big family, just as a Driver/Ex management. I had really nice time being in this position. Changes needed to be done.

Thank you all for being patient with me, and hope to see you all someday at Fast Cargo members meeting, or just tripping around Europe and making unexpected guest visit

Best Regards,
CEO DivineGift

We thank DivineGift for all of his work he has done in the past years as our CEO of Fast Cargo VTC.

On 26th of November we appointed our new CEO Sjovn!
You can find here public statement here:

DivineGift is stepping down from his role as CEO of Fast Cargo VTC, and I’m happy to take place in that role. DivineGift has been the CEO for over 2 years in our VTC, so I’m a bit nervous and excited at the same time to take his place.
I’ve been a member of Fast Cargo since the beginning of my adventure in ETS2, I started in february 2020. I enjoy driving in multiplayer and meeting everyone in this community, and now as a CEO I hope that I will get to know more people and VTCs.
Little about myself; I’m from northern Norway, working as a leader in health department, I have a family with kids and husband. I enjoy hikes in the fields, training my dog – and of course sitting here with my computer 🙂
Please do not hesitate to take contact with me if you have questions or have some friendly advice on my road as a CEO! And please – be a bit patient with me in the beginning 🙂
Wish you all a great weekend, and I hope to see many of you on the road soon 🙂

I wish her the best of luck with the tasks given to her to run the vtc daily.

Besides this significant change, we also made smaller changes.

We appointed Caldevwin as our new EOM (Event Operator Manager)
FlavoClave as our Nederland Division Manager
And Sirr Sepp as our ARM (Application Review Manager)

Since the last update of SCS software, we are now able to drive new trailers in-game.

our new HTD rule for the vtc.
As a new Trainee, you are NOT ALLOWED to use the 8×4 / 8×6 Chassis and NOT ALLOWED to use the Heavy Cargo Trailer (Above 20 TONS) You will need to do an HTD test to drive those trucks and trailers. This can be done once you are a Driver for at least one week.

Once completed this test you can drive
Double / B-Double / HCT / Triple Trailers,
Semi-Lowbed Trailers Extended / Lowbed Trailers Extended.
The use (option) of 8×4 / 8×6 Chassis

Besides this, I highly recommend reading this article of SCS.

Last but not least.
Thanks to our current but also our new patreons who joined during the month of November.

To end this update. I wish you all the best for December 2020.
Hopefully, you can enjoy the joyful moments December has to give us. Even under challenging situations.

Fast Cargo VTC


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