Fast Cargo VTC

Since October 2016

Fast Cargo VTC is a place where people can meet and play together to be active.
friendly and fun. Know each other and make friends for life.
Since the start in October 2016, we have done a lot.
Now the present day we offer our drivers almost daily convoys,
this is something that is totally not easy with only volunteers. We have created an environment where truckers can join a place and meet new friends during their time in the game.



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What We Do


The Games Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator are the foundation, of our virtual trucking company ‘VTC’ We...


Our members are the most important aspect of our vtc.Most of our members stay with our vtc for more than...


Within our vtc multiplayer is how our members drive together. With the use of the Mod TruckersMP, we have the...


Our primary Language in the vtc is English. Because of this, we have members all around the world. Since 2020...

Heavy Transport

After once you are a full-driver in Fast Cargo VTC you have the opportunity to become a Heavy Transport Division...

Chat & Drive – Events

Chat & Drive is a closed convoy for Fast Cargo members only. When this event is created, all the information...

Meet & Drive – Events

For our Meet & Drive events, we invite another Virtual Trucking Company to join us in this closed convoy for...

Drive Along – Events

At the start of 2020, there was the need by our members to bring our old tradition back to life...