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Together we try to keep our website running, along with other services we provide you as a member. We can’t pay for this all by our selves. 
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our Patreon membership program. From as little as $1.00 you can help contribute towards funding this VTC. Here are a few things that your money will go towards funding: – Server costs: We have a website and Teamspeak that are free for you to use, both of which cost us to give to you. – In-Game Mods: We have a selection of Fast Cargo VTC skin packs that are also free for you to use in your Single Player game. With further funding we can have a more extravagant collection of mods for you to enjoy and more!




Since 2020 we are back with our VTC Merchendise! 
A great look for yourself and a small benefit for the vtc to expand it plans. 
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