Start your career at Fast Cargo V.T.C.

Truckers who want to become part of Fast Cargo V.T.C. as a driver need to meet the following requirements. 

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Speaks and understands english.
  • Has at least 50 hours play time on ETS2 or ATS.
  • Can at least join 1 convoy a month.
  • Respects the rules of the road in-game.
  • Has a working microphone.
  • Has Teamspeak 3 installed and working.



Our Application Process


01. Discord

Please join us on Discord. We are happy to help you to complete our Application Process.



02.  Application form

After you joined our Discord you can now fill in the form below. 



03. Get invited

When someone from our FC staff did read your application and checks if you meet our requirements. You then will be asked/invited to join our teamspeak for a conversation.


 Get accepted

When we think you will fit nicely in our v.t.c. you will be accepted for a trainee period of 2 weeks.


Step 1: Join us in Discord. Here you are able to ask for help. 

HUH what, ‘Trainee period ??’

Every new (driver) gets first placed in our trainee period time for 2 weeks. In those weeks we can see what kinda person you are personally and in-game.

‘So after 2 weeks i get promoted to driver ?’ Most of the times yes you will !

There will be again a short conversation between you and the staff of Fast Cargo, Who will vote if they want you in our vtc as a driver. When the majority votes you up you then will be promoted and you have successfully earned a spot in our vtc as driver !